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Rotoscoping services

Rotoscoping is a technique used in animation, as the animators’ trace over frame by live frame action so as to produce an animation film. Rotoscoping mainly implies taking an image of a background and then replacing it in another new background or rotoscoping involve extrracting a moving image from a video and replacing the background completely or partially with special effects.

In today's visual effects industry, rotoscoping can be explained as a method of creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate to be combined with another background. The term rotoscoping also known as "Roto" is currently being used as a tool for special effects in live action movies. Photo Editing Company is amongst a few names which have excelled in this industry of video rotoscoping, as well as 3D animation. When using these rotoscoping techniques our editors trace over live-action film movement, on each frame to be used in an animation production. We are applauded providers of rotoscoping services. Our portfolio of multimedia services includes; VFX and stereo rotoscoping, visual effects, roto splining, 2D and 3D conversion, match moving, clean plate, restorationa, Chroma or keying, matte generation and painting,

We strive to satisfy our esteemed clients, with exceptional services. Our team of highly skilled animators pays attention to every detail and produce powerful animations that will match our client’s expectations. By combining our technological brilliance with experience, Photo Editing Company promises to deliver ultimate rotoscoping services at a very affordable cost. We provide a hitch free service to around the clock. We believe in customer satisfaction and do your best to meet our goals within a specified timeframe. Our flawless services have assisted us to enjoy an incredible rapport with clients from across the globe. Our company has become one of the leading providers of rotoscoping services. Contact us today and get to know more about our rotoscoping services.