Post Processing Service

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Post Processing Service

Photo Editing Company offers post processing service for all professional wedding photographers, event photographers and studio photographers. Our service is to provide photographers the time to focus more on the core of their business. We can convert your RAW file to editable PSD, JPEG or any format. We will then start culling your photos and select the best. From there we will retouch and correct the color of your photos to your desired style or taste. We can edit any event photos or images.

Selection and Culling of photos can be time consuming after an event, it requires file conversion to be able to edit the photos accurately in preparation for color correction and photo retouching. During the color correction process you need to carefully balance each photo from one another to perfectly get a uniform output. Thus this requires a lot of time for you in order to deliver your final composition to your clients. To avoid this time consuming work, let Photo Editing Company do everything for you.

What we can do

Our goal is to cull and select the best photos and convert them to start the color correction process. During the color correction we will adjust noise, colors, brightness and contrast to your clients desired style. We can also remove minor blemishes or obstructions in the photo to create a stunning image. Renaming the files after its done is important to organize the images properly. Surely our highly skilled post production team can give you what you want in your post processing service.

how much does it cost

A surprisingly our post processing service includes free color correction, free culling and selection, free conversion from RAW to JPEG or PSD and free renaming. Yes, this is absolutely true.  We will color correct your photo  and retouch minor blemishes at affordable price.

how long will it take

Normally our post processing service will take 1-3 days, should you be needing it within 24 hours a corresponding premium fast delivery service price applies.

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