Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

If you haven’t try editing pictures through some various editing tools, I’m sure you would not consider of buying a highly expensive programs like adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Creative Suite and Corel Draw so I suggest of doing a 30 day free trial first. With it, you can edit pictures for free and you can explore all the tools of that specific software but still you could use some other free editing software or online editing sites.

Where do I start?

Adjust Brightness and Contrast

This is one of the simplest ways to adjust its lightness and darkness and also you could increase its contrast.

Set its Auto Color or Auto Levels

Sometimes there are some images that really need some photo retouching techniques to look more natural. Pictures will appear strange in color if taken with artificial lights; we can fix it by adjusting the colors.

Cropping the image

Almost all of editing software’s has this powerful tool. It allows you to crop your images to improve its presentation and composition. You can manipulate the part of the image which you don’t like.

Using the Hue/ Saturation / Levels / Curves

These are other alternatives to make your images looks great. Most of graphic artists use them in making their arts looks professional, although these effects will require your creativity and desirable imagination.

Adjusting its shadows and highlights

It allows you to manipulate by brighten the dark part of your image. Again this adjustments will require your proper guidance and control because too much of adjusting it can ruin your images, just combined it with the above mentioned tools to produce a presentable art.

Try Toning and Desaturation

Most editing programs have these effects to do all your crazy stuff. Desaturation is the process of turning a specific picture into black and white; there are many different ways to do this. Toning allows you to edit your images to add color to a black and white effect.

Tip: To perform all these stuff, just give time for practice to master them all.


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