How to Earn Dollars from Photo Editing

The Internet is hungry for new content and photographs. They are used on websites, business material and promotional literature. These photos always need to be edited and touched up and that's how you can earn some money. There are actually quite a few ways to earn money in photo editing.

Write Tutorials

The first way you could make money in photo editing is to write some tutorials showing people how to perform certain techniques in Photoshop or other popular photo editing software. This will be an easy thing to do if you are already experienced with the software. You can either write these with screenshots, or alternatively film a video tutorial.

Photo Restoration

Lots of people have old photographs which are damaged or worn. You could start a photo retouching service to repair these photos and bring them back to life. Then they can be printed easily as if they are brand new.

Taking Stock Photos

If you are into photography then you could take generic photographs of all sorts of landmarks and items. These can be edited and sold for money on stock photo websites.

Graphic Design and desktop publishing

There are a lot of photo editing tools that can be found online free or paid like adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, lightroom, corel draw and a lot more.

Anyone skilled at photo editing software will probably also be good at graphic design. You could use the same software to create logos and business stationary.

You can start a small printing business in your town. Offer some photo editing services for student’s projects, wedding photography, portrait editing and events that require photography, you can surely offer your skill to edit their photos.

Freelance job

You can find a lot of online sources for online job, a good example of it were Elance, Odesk and Freelancer. You need to sign up and look for a photo editing project. You can earn by an hour or by project it depends upon the employer. Present your portfolios to impress your employer and hopefully get hired.

Internet is a very wide source of income, with your talent in photo editing industry there’s a lot of opportunity that awaits you; don’t waste your time with nonsense things instead nurture your skills and benefit from it.


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