Amazon is one of the largest, fastest growing online retailer of products in the internet. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. Amazon has a vast storage of their products and the largest distribution center. Selling your products via amazon needs some product image requirements.

What we Do

We can select your photos from your raw shots then cull them carefully. We will first remove the background by editing the image and change it into pure white. Crop the photo to required amazon standards then apply color correction to make it more vibrant in color. We will then save the photo to tiff, jpeg, gif or png and send it to you.

Your Product Photo

  • TIFF .tif/.tiff, JPEG .jpeg/.jpg, GIF .gif and PNG .png format
  • Image Size must be 1,000px larger
  • sRGB or CMYK color
  • Backgrounds must be white RGB 255,255,255
  • Products must be sharp, focused and vibrant in color

Why choose us in your amazon product photo?

We have experience for over 6 years in the business and our clients speak for itself. We have edited thousands of amazon products from books, electronics, apparel, furniture and jewelry. Our clients have been increasing daily because of our high quality editing and customer service.

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