Amazon Photo Editing Guidelines


Amazon Guidelines is a condition that should apply to each item and this is a first step toward providing a great customer experience. Photos are very important when advertising products and services on-line . The appearance of the image on-line connects you to attract your buyers. It is necessary that you've got admirable item pictures and images available in your page or web site.

Submitting your product at can help you to gain more buyers, but it is required to follow the guidelines before your product accepted in their market place. Amazon sellers are expected to follow the specific guidelines by listing the item either new, used, collectible and refurbished products to ensure that buyers have information before making purchase decision. These Amazon guidelines have not changed in over a decade. serve as a safety net not only for customers, but for sellers as well.

Our company has professional Amazon photo editing staff to handle client’s product images. With our expertise in amazon photo editing service, background removal, photo enhancement and cropping and re sizing, we can help you to meet the Amazon standard and guidelines. Clients need not worry about this since our editors will use the best advanced technology to ensure that the original quality of the images is not only maintained but also enhanced. We provide high quality service and results to our customers because we know that clients will depend on us to their business success.