Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked question

1. What photo editing services do you offer?

We offer Clipping Path, Masking, Background Removal, Cropping and Re-sizing, Color Correction and Blending, Jewelry Retouching, Product Enhancement, Portrait & Model Retouching, Real State Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Photo Restoration and Post Processing.

2. How does Photo Editing Company Work?

Photo Editing Company offers pay as you go service only. You do not have to buy credits to get your photos done.

3. How do I get started?

Simply send 2-3 raw photos for FREE TRIAL to our Upload Photos via Dropbox button on our homepage or through including instructions and we’ll get back to you with your images along with the price.

4. I want to send RAW files?

You can send or upload your photos directly to or go to our front page upload photos. We’ll get back to you when we receive your files.

5. I have bulk photos and large format files?

We can provide you a File Transfer Protocol or via Dropbox. Please don’t forget to share the folder to email address.

6. What kind of file types do you accept?

We accept photos formatted in JPG, PNG, PSD or GIF and RAW files like DNG, NEF, RW2, CR2, TIFF file format.

7. What is your turn around time?

We normally send photos within 12-24 hours. For bulk retouching photos 200 images up, it will take 1 – 2 business days for your photos to be done. For Post Processing normally 24 to 1-2 business days.

8. What is your payment method?

We highly recommend PayPal International Transfer, lower fees anywhere in the world. We also accept Bank to Bank Transfer, transfer fees apply.

9. Are my files or photos secure?

Yes. Photo Editing Company maintains a strict protocol and privacy policy. The original photos and edited photos you received from PEC will not be distributed or sold. Reputation is very important and that is what we are proud of.

10. I am sending large number of photos and i'd like to ask for a discount price?

Please contact us for bulk orders.

11. I want to retail your photo editing services?

You may visit our Partnership Page for inquiry.

12. What countries do you offer your services?

We offer our photo editing services all around the world from United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Greece, New Zealand, Finland, Hungary, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Canada and more.