2014 Top Photo Editing Apps For Android

Patronizing android phones are arising, in fact study shows that more or less 50% of all the population of the world conquers by android phones. In every 10 people in USA 6 of them have these gadget, does it make sense if you have these or not? Well the real question is how these phones loved by everyone’s.

Modern world shows that technology dominates. Android phones are leading because of its features and is easy to manage. Plus there are a lot of android apps that would surely enlighten your experienced together with your phones. One example of it is photo editing apps, people loves of taking pictures using their android phones during celebrations, parties, special occasions, and gatherings or even in normal days and retouch it using their android and apps. The most common is taking some selfie photos everywhere.

They take photos and upload it to their social media accounts. The good news is that there’s a lot of android apps that will help you edit your selfies and other photos, and those are available in Google appstore.

Camera 360 Ultimate

The most popular photo editing android apps that used today.

“Camera360, loved by 300+ million users globally, is No.1 camera app in many countries. Together with Hello Camera, Movie360, and Pink360, Camera360 provides a comprehensive suite of professional yet fun mobile photography options.
To make your life even easier, Camera360 has introduced Camera360 Cloud, a cloud platform that can help you manage, edit, store, and share your photos all in one place. Join the millions of users in enjoying these FREE services!” -
Description from Google play store.

It has a lot of stunning effects that you can’t afford to reject of using it. It is design in resemble with adobe photoshop


Another popular app with more than 100 million installs on android market. It is a multipurpose app that provides photo editing, photo grid, drawing tool and it is also good in collage.

PicsArt also has a sequence shot feature that is intended for your built in camera. You can manage your pictures with your desire effect and design.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The developer of this app has offered web base express editor and now shared to mobile users. This app will ease your desire to edit your pictures, it enables you to touch your way for better looking, fun and elegant results.

Pixlr Express

Another android app for photo editing using your phones. A funny and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly edit your photos by cropping, rotating and fine tuning. You can easily add effects and it looks and appears as edited by pro’s.

Pho.to Lab

This is the most interesting and most funny photo editor I’ve ever tried. It has a built in 450 funny effects, montages and effects.

Use it when you’re looking for fun and casual photos, it can save your time of looking something to make it more personalized.

Apart from that it has a very low photo processor to save more memory space of your android phone.

These are some examples of editing apps that you might be looking for. I greatly recommend you the above mentions because I’ve tried them all and I did enjoyed it.

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