10 Special Tips for Amazon Product Selling

10 Special Tips for Amazon Product Selling

Amazon stands out as the world’s leading retail-selling platform. With each passing day, it gets more than a one million new visitors on its site. You do not find these numbers on many markets. The best part is that the visitors come from all over the world. The following tips will help you get the best out of your Amazon selling efforts.

Register as a professional seller

It is profitable to register as a professional seller than as an individual.
As a professional, you will only be charged $39.95 a month, and a 15% selling commission. An individual seller on the other hand is charged the 15% in addition to 99¢ for every sale.
 A professional seller is allowed to sell in restricted categories.
 A professional has the benefit of creating listings for products categories that are not available on Amazon at the moment.

Follow the rules

Learn the rules and ensure you follow them to the latter. Log into seller central, go to help then search Amazon policy. Reading the policy before trying anything new will help you stay within the Amazons green zone.

Make use of FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)

This program enables Amazon to take care of customer service, refunds, communications, and returns. You will not have to worry about shipment. This fastens the whole process that helps you make more deliveries.

Accurate product descriptions

Inaccurate description of products will only result in returns and negative feedback. This will paint a bad picture of your products and business that would lead to loses.

Utilize the Amazon Key words tool

This could make all the difference between fast selling and slow selling products Keyword optimization ensures that your products show up whenever users search Amazon. Learn how the tool works and ensure you update your keywords from time to time.

Ask for feedback

Majority of clients will not give it to you unless you ask. The feedback is important as it helps you make relevant changes to your products to suit what customers want.

Manage your inventory proactively

You have to ensure that you have enough stock to push you through high and low seasons. Running out of inventory leads to a drop in rank of the product. The time it takes to drop is faster than what it would take you to get back to where you were.

Use optimized images

Large images enable customers to zoom the pictures and have a better view. Amazon also has rules and guidelines regarding pictures. Get a professional editor to enhance and retouch your photos with these rules in mind.

Respond to customers’ communications in time

Amazon requires merchants to respond to questions from customers within 24 hours. Try to make it sooner than that. Every time you fail to respond in time, it is a demerit to your account.

Win the buy box

A buy box is what pops up when a customer searches for a product on Amazon. This gives you and advantage over other sellers and it increases your sales.